The One Time Press

The One Time Press was founded by the poet and painter, Peter Wells, who sadly died at the age of 94 in September 2013. The Press will continue to be run by his daughter, Mary Wells, and his son-in-law, Jonathan Nevitt.

The Press engages with the craftspeople who make books, including artist illustrators and authors of the text. Chris Hicks, Tim Wiltshire and the Fine Book Bindery have bound the books some of which are covered with patterned papers made by Ann Muir and Victoria Hall, and they can differ one from another within the same edition.

Details of printing and paper are described in the various editions and all paper is acid free and of high quality. Printing may involve the hand setting of type, offset lithography, or digital reproduction depending on the work involved, and is undertaken by Francis Cupiss Ltd of Diss, Norfolk.

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Books may be obtained from the publisher, The One Time Press, 69 Gressenhall Road, London SW18 5QH or from Riderless Horse Books, Oakfields, Redgrave Road, Blo Norton, Diss IP22 5JA

Further information may be obtained from The One Time Press by mail or telephone: 07717 545 558.

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